How To Setup Your Swimmer's Snorkel For The First Time

A swimmer's snorkel is a great tool for anyone looking to focus on stroke technique and not have the interruption of having to turn your head to breathe. This allows you to improve your stroke, maintain a good body alignment and also allows you to be more relaxed in the water.

Setting up the Kraken Aquatics Swimmer's Snorkel is pretty quick and easy. After removing it from the packaging, you'll notice that the swimmer's snorkel comes shipped with the snorkel tube and the head strap as separate pieces.  Start by taking the head strap and placing the padded mount on your forehead and then stretching the silicone straps over your head and comfortably positioning it securely on the back of your head.  If the head strap feels too loose, simply pull on the ends of the straps on each side until it feels comfortable.  If the head strap feels too tight, press the "button" on either side where the straps connect to the front of the head strap to loosen the straps.  Loosen them until the head mount feels comfortable.

Once you have the head strap comfortably positioned, take the snorkel tube and slide it into the head mount until the silicone mouthpiece is positioned comfortably in front of your mouth.  Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and fine-tune by sliding the tube up and down in the head mount until everything feels comfortably positioned.  Use a phillips head screwdriver to tight down the screw that you'll find where the head mount and snorkel tube meet.  We recommend tightening the screw down enough to secure the snorkel but loose enough to allow the snorkel to pivot.  This will allow you to pivot the snorkel's mouthpiece away from your mouth while wearing the swimmer's snorkel which you will likely find helpful.

Once you have everything comfortably positioned and tightened down, you're all set!  All that is left to do is to get out and use your new swimmer's snorkel.  If you plan to wear a cap and/or goggles, be sure to put those on before you put the swimmer's snorkel on.  After the initial setup, you shouldn't have to make any further adjustments unless you need to do some fine-tuning adjustments.  We highly recommend that you rinse off your snorkel inside and out with fresh water after every use to clean off any chlorine from the pool.   If you have any questions about setting up your swimmer's snorkel, please contact us.  We would be more than happy to answer your questions.  Enjoy!